Selling Your Community to

SHA Capital Partners

SHA Capital Partners knows how important it is to you to leave your community in good hands. We will honor your hard work, commitment and devotion over the years by delivering a team to continue treating your residents, their families and staff members with respect and dignity. You will be able to greet them confidently when you see them around town.


SHA Capital Partners knows the senior housing industry.

David Watkins worked at Heitman, a real estate investment advisory firm, for 19 years where he led Heitman’s investments in senior housing. David sat on the investment committee, overseeing the firm's acquisition of $5 billion of commercial real estate, including over $450 million in senior housing assets. David was a Board Member of the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing and Care ( for 8 years.


We will provide you with a fair market value that will

go straight into your bank account. We will be open and forthcoming with our pricing formula and will walk you through our thought process.


After we have agreed on pricing, our operating partner will work closely with you to ensure a seamless transition and a favorable outcome for all parties involved, including your residents.




“Your legacy is at stake. Allow us to honor
what you have created.”