Advantages of Working with
SHA Capital Partners as a Source of Growth Capital

If you are an owner/operator/developer looking to grow your business, SHA Capital Partners is an attractive capital partner.


We provide more than just capital. SHA Capital Partners provides a unique combination of deep senior housing industry knowledge and an institutional process that adds discipline and increases the likelihood of success. 


We offer analytical resources to complement your team’s ability to evaluate potential acquisitions or developments. We determine the attractiveness of a specific location and property type in conjunction with proprietary analytical tools.

SHA Capital Partners wants to be your equity partner in a programmatic joint venture. We seek best‐in‐class developers and operators and long‐term relationships. SHA Capital Partners will commit to terms that reflect our investment for the long term. Whenever possible, we will structure follow‐on investments consistent with our initial investment, which will save time and legal fees.


We will negotiate a cost of capital structure with a waterfall that provides you with an outsized share of the upside, once you have generated an achievable hurdle rate of return.


You, as developer/operator, will continue to manage the operations, collaborating with SHA Capital Partners on major decisions (e.g., annual budget, debt, cap‐ex beyond budget, sale), when we can lend our operational, analytical and investment expertise. 


SHA Capital Partners professionals have “walked in the shoes” of operators and developers, providing comfort that our firm will be responsive and constructive.

“We look for long-term relationships. We want
to provide ongoing access to capital to strong
firms to help them pursue growth plans.”